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"What I like about SpineCare is that it is a family owned business. Both doctors (husband and wife) are caring and friendly. I suffer from tendonitis and back pain due to prolonged hours of working on my computer. My wrist had sharp pain. I have been seeing Dr. Heather for about 6 months and I definitely see improvement. My back pain around my shoulders was gone. My wrist is getting better. I am able to open jars and even play golf. Their staff is always friendly. They have great equipment. I felt very energized and relaxed for every visit. I highly recommend SpineCare. The location is very convenient with ample of parking spaces."   Jenny

"Wonderful practice. Dr. Creehan takes time with each and every patient to ensure you get the care you need! He is very thorough and makes sure to target specific areas where I have experienced pain, even some places I didn't realize were contributing to the pain! I cannot recommend enough!!!"  Chris

"Best doctor ever. He came in on a Sunday with his family when I hurt my back recently. I've never met a doctor who cares so much about his patients. I've seen numerous chiropractors but have never met who's helped as much as he has! I highly recommend."  Anne

"Dr. Creehan provides excellent treatment for neck and lower back pain I have been experiencing recently. Other chiropractors I have gone to in the past give the same adjustment regardless of where I am experiencing pain and are done within a few minutes. Dr. Creehan is thorough and targets the specific problem areas and even does some soft tissue work if needed. I cannot recommend SpineCare Chiropractic enough."  Stephen

"Good chiropractors are hard to find. Both Dr. Creehan's are marvelous!!! They take great care to understand your issues and provide personalized treatment that for me has made the world of difference.

This is a top care practice if you're in the market for some to help you feel better.

Tony and I are very pleased. Thanks Dr.s!!!"    Lori

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