Did you know the human head can weigh up to 13lbs, about the same as a bowling ball! That is a lot of weight for your neck to carry around all the time, it is no wonder that so many people suffer from neck pain. Whether it is a tightness across the shoulders, shooting pain on movement or just an inability to turn you head to look over your shoulder while driving, neck pain and discomfort can have a huge effect on your daily activities. 

 There are so many things in our lives that put abnormal stress and strain on our necks, driving the car, playing sports, reading to our kids, and with so many hours spent staring at a computer it is no wonder that at SpineCare we are treating more people for neck pain then ever before.  Sitting at a computer may not seem like an activity that puts a lot of stress on your spine but ask anyone who does it for 3 or more hours a day and they will tell you differently. In most cases the desk is not set up properly for the individual who is using it and they spend all day with their neck flexed looking down at the computer screen. Over time this can completely change the alignment of the spine. The bones in your neck should form a nice C curve or lordosis when you look at it from the side, if this curve is lost it puts a large amount of dangerous stress on the spine. This abnormal stress leads to the formation of extra bone in the spine also known as arthritis, this extra bone then begins to impinge upon the nerves and disc surrounding the spine, leading to restricted range of motion, tight achy muscles, shooting pain, numbness, tingling or even weakness.

   Normal Curve                                            Loss of Curve                           Loss of Curve w/ Degeneration

If you are noticing that you are not able to turn your head as far as you used to or those tight achy muscles across the top of shoulders just won’t go away schedule an appointment with one of the doctors at SpineCare Chiropractic Center, before it turns into something much more serious.  They will do a detailed exam to determine if a normal cervical curve is present, if the nerve openings between the bones are well maintained, if your head is balanced and if your shoulders are level. If not, they can develop an individualized plan for you to return your spine to its proper alignment as well as get you out of pain. Your health is the most important thing that you have and it is up to you to make it a priority, no one else will! Contact us today and take back your health.

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