The spine is made up of 24 different bones called vertebrae. These vertebrae are there to protect the spinal cord. The spinal cord is an essential part of the nervous system that sends message from your brain to all the different parts of your body. Although the spine is there to protect the spinal cord, at times it can shift from its normal position and actually interfere with the spinal cords normal function, this can lead not only to pain but many other health problems. If this abnormal shift is not properly corrected in can lead to more serious problems in the future, such as degenerative disc disease, arthritis, disc bulges or herniations.

The doctors at SpineCare are experts in detecting these abnormal spinal shifts, correcting them and restoring the spine to its normal biomechanical structure. Each treatment plan is customized to restore your spine and all of the attached muscles, ligaments, tendons back to their normal functioning state. This is accomplished not only through chiropractic adjustments but also a specific postural and musculoskeletal rehabilitation program.

If you are tired of dealing with any of the conditions listed below and you want to get back to living a pain free life call SpineCare Chiropractic in Cary today and set up your complimentary consultation today.