Carpal Tunnel Syndrome usually presents initially as an ache or pain in the wrist or forearm that may or may not gradually worsen to numbness or tingling in the hand, particularly the thumb and index finger. It may also present with sharp shooting pain from the wrist into the hand, and in severe cases even a loss of grip strength. Patients often complain that they have trouble holding their coffee mug in the morning.

It seems logical to many people with these symptoms, that the problem is coming from the wrist. In some cases this is true but in many cases the problem may actually be originating in the neck or cervical spine. Dr. Creehan has seen many cases where an individual has undergone physical therapy or even surgery on their wrist for carpal tunnel like symptoms only to have their problems continue or even worsen over time. At SpineCare when someone presents with pain or numbness in the wrist we carefully evaluate the wrist, elbow, shoulder and cervical spine to determine exactly where the problem is coming from. The median nerve supplies the wrist, hand, thumb and index finger with sensation and this nerve originates from the spinal cord in the neck region. If the median nerve is impinged upon in any location as it runs down the arm it can lead to carpel tunnel like symptoms.  So before you let someone cut open your wrist make sure that is where the problem is actually coming from. Contact Us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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