1) What do you mean by “Results that you can See & Feel”?

Of course we want everyone to feel better after receiving treatment at our office, but feeling good is not our ultimate goal. Our goal is to have your body functioning optimally, and sometimes that is not directly linked to how you feel. Think about heart disease, what is the first symptoms that someone with heart disease feels? Most of the time it is some kind of chest pain or even a major heart attack. Our goal is to find the problem in your body and fix it. When you come in for your exam we will clearly explain what your problem is and show it to you in your exam results, posture pictures and x-rays. Then on completion of your treatment protocol we will repeat all of the initial tests and physically show you the difference in the results. So then not only do you feel better but you can also see how your overall health has improved.

2) Do you take my insurance? Is my treatment plan tied to my insurance company?

We accept almost all insurance plans, and we are happy to file your insurance for you. However, our treatment plans are developed with your health and your health only in mind. Unfortunately at times insurance companies are more concerned with the financial cost then your health. We will present you with a plan based on your actual health needs, not on what the insurance company has budgeted your health concerns to cost.

3) Do you perform the same treatment on every patient?

Absolutely Not! Every problem that we encounter is unique, just as every person is unique. As a result every treatment program that we present to a patient is customized to their individual needs. On the first visit to our office we do a comprehensive exam which includes a detailed health history, orthopedic exam, postural exam and x-rays (if necessary) to determine exactly what/where the problem is. Once we have established where the problem is, we will develop an individualized treatment plan to effectively resolve the problem.

4) How do I know if chiropractic care will help me with my problem?

In order to know if chiropractic care will help first you have to know what is causing the problem. We always offer complementary consultations to anyone who is considering chiropractic care. One of our doctors will be happy to sit down with you one on one, to discuss your concerns free of charge. Once they have an idea what the problem is they will either recommend proceeding ahead to do a detailed examination or if they feel your problem would be better handled by another health professional they would be more then happy to refer you to one of their trusted colleagues.

5) How long will it take to fix my problem?

Every case is different so there is no way to determine how long it will take to resolve your problem. In some cases it is a simple misalignment that is fixed in a very short amount of time, in other cases the problem has been there for quite a long time and although you may feel relief in a very short amount of time it may take longer to truly eliminate the problem so it doesn’t come back to haunt you in the future.

6) If I don’t have any pain could I still benefit from chiropractic care?

True health is not defined by how you feel, true health is achieved when your body is functioning at its optimal level. Just as you go to the dentist once or twice a year to ensure that your teeth are healthy, it is just as important to have regular spinal checks to ensure that your spine and nervous system are healthy.  Your spine protects your nervous system and your nervous system controls every aspect of your body, so if it is not functioning properly there are numerous problems that may arise. Don’t wait for the day to come when you can’t bend over to pick up your child of grandchild because your back is causing you so much pain, have your spine checked today so you can keep doing all of the things your love doing.

7) Are all chiropractors the same?

No they are not. Although chiropractors receive the same education, just like medical doctors specialize in certain areas, so do chiropractors. Some chiropractors believe that adjusting the spine is all the treatment that body requires to heal itself, while others focus more on the passive pain relief modalities. At SpineCare we believe that all aspects of the body have to be addressed in order to give the patient  proper care. Although the spine is made up of 24 individual vertebrae, these vertebrae are held together by many muscles, ligaments and tendons, and these muscles and ligaments and tendons can be stressed and pulled in different directions from any of the other hundred of muscles, ligaments and tendons in the rest of the body. By focusing on the bio- mechanics and structure of the entire body the doctors at SpineCare are able to accurately diagnose the problem and address it at the source.

8) What kind of education do you have?

Before you begin chiropractic school you must complete an undergraduate degree with specific prerequisite courses included, following that you must complete 4 years of chiropractic school. Most people are surprised to learn that the curriculum at chiropractic school is very similar to medical school. We take all of the same anatomy and physiology courses, but in medical school they spend more time studying the various drugs used to treat different symptoms while in chiropractic school we focus more on nutrition and the bio- mechanics of the spine.

9) Do you offer any complementary recommendations?

Of course! As I stated earlier, in order to maintain optimum health you have to address the entire body and what you put in your body has a dramatic effect on how it functions. We offer nutritional counseling to all of our patients and when necessary recommend they supplement their diet with specific high quality supplements. We also instruct our patients on proper ergonomics for work and home and provide them with specific exercises that will best help them to strengthen those muscles that are weak to prevent injuries in the future. We pride ourselves on treating our patients like family and thus concerned for their health both now and in the years to come.

10) Where can I get a copy of your Notice of Privacy Practices?
Notice of Privacy Practices

11) Can I fill out your intake forms before I come in for my first visit?
Sure, here you can print and bring them with you: SpineCare Chiropractic Center Intake Forms

12) Can I pay my bill online?
Yes…click here to pay bill.  You will need your account number which is on your statement or you can call the office if you don’t know it.

13) Non-Discrimination Statement
Non-discrimination Statement