Scoliosis is one of the most complicated spinal conditions. It is characterized by abnormal sideways curvatures of the spine. Although there has been a great deal of research done on scoliosis there is still a debate on what exactly causes it. Most of the research today points to three main possible causes:

1) Genetics

2) Habitual/Behavioural Routines - such as posture

3) Idiopathic - unknown

There are various degrees of curvatures that may develop and obviously the more severe the curvature the more health risks that are associated with it.  The most important part of treating scoliosis is early detection. Generally scoliotic curves increase the most in growth spurts during puberty. It is important for parents to keep a close eye on their children as they grow to see if there are any postural distortions such as, uneven shoulders or hips. We also advise parents to have their child checked by a professional trained in detecting and treating scoliosis like the doctors at SpineCare.

Dr. Creehan is currently the only chiropractor in the state of North Carolina certified to brace patients with the SpineCor brace. He is expertly trained in detecting scoliosis and determining if it is something that should be closely monitored or not. If the patient qualifies for the SpineCor brace he is capable of fitting them for the brace right in the office. If the curve is not severe enough to warrant a brace then he can make specific recommendations to the child and their parents to keep the curve from getting any worse.

Chiropractic care can also greatly benefit patients with scoliosis. Due to the abnormal curvatures in the spine putting additional stress on the nervous system, patients with scoliosis tend to develop restrictions in their range of motion and chronic neck and back pain. The doctors at SpineCare can work with patients to increase their range of motion and retrain their muscles to improve their posture and reduce the stress and strain on the body.

If you have scoliosis or are concerned that your child may be devleoping abnormal posture or curvatures in their spine, contact SpineCare today!

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