Anyone who has ever had back pain before will tell you that you don't appreciate your back until it starts hurting! Only then do you realize how important a healthy back is to your everyday life. Pain is your body's way of warning you that something is wrong. So when you start to feel that pain coming on it is important not to ignore it. Many times people believe that it will get better on its own or take pain killers to numb the pain, this can be a dangerous approach, similar to taking the batteries out of the smoke detector to silence it. If you don't address the cause of the pain there is a very good chance the problem is going to get worse.

The doctors at SpineCare are specifically trained in the bio-mechanics of the spine and can determine if your pain is coming from a strained muscle or a misalignment of the spine putting pressure on a nerve or a disc. By restoring your spine to its normal structural alignment and removing the unnecessary stress, not only will the pain resolve but it will protect your body from further damage or pain in the future.

The doctors at SpineCare would be happy to sit down with you and discuss any problems with your back that you are dealing with now or have dealt with in the past. There is no better time then right now to make your health a priority so you can get out there and get back to living. Call today for your complementary consultation.

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