Kids need chiropractic care too! Think about the number of tumbles and falls that your child will take by the time they turn 2, not to mention the trauma of being born!  Children respond tremendously to chiropractic care and it is much more gentle on their little bodies then drugs and/or antibiotics.


If a baby is uncomfortable or in pain it cannot tell you what is wrong, so it does what it can......cry, cry and cry. This can be very frustrating and heart breaking for new parents. Most people attribute colic to indigestion, but many times it is because the spine has become misaligned and is causing the child a great deal of discomfort. Even the slightest shift in the upper cervical spine can cause a great deal of discomfort to a newborn. One of the key signs to look for is if the baby constantly holds its head to one side, this may indicate that there is a restriction in the spine that is prohibiting the child from turning its head properly. The doctors at SpineCare have worked with children as young as 2 days old. By gently restoring your baby's spine back to normal alignment we remove the pressure off of their nervous system, they  feel better and stop crying and you are able to start sleeping again.

Ear Infections

Ear infections or Otitis Media is one of the most common aliments that cause parents to bring their child to the doctor.  The medical doctors first line of defense is usually a course of antibiotics, and then if the ear infections become a recurring problem the next step is usually to have tubes surgically implanted into the ears.

However many times there are no bacteria present in the ear to begin with. The pain that the child is experiencing is caused from fluid that has become trapped in the ear canal. With the removal of spinal misalignment's through chiropractic the pressure on the nervous system is removed and the muscles that surround the auditory canal can relax, allowing the fluid to drain out of the ear. Once the irritation is removed the "infection" will resolve without the need for antibiotics or surgery. We have heard parents praise the benefits of chiropractic care many time over.

If you think your children could benefit from chiropractic care please don't hesitate to contact us.

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