The Intervertebral Disc is a common culprit in back pain, and although a slipped disc is often used to describe a back injury, what you may not know is that it is virtually impossible for a disc to slip out of position. The intervertebral disc is a small pad of cartilage found in between two vertebrae of the spine. They act as cushions for the spine, keeping the bones from rubbing together and allowing you to twist, turn and bend.  These discs are held in place by multiple layers of ligaments and muscles, making it impossible for them to shift. Although they cannot shift it is possible to damage a disc.  When too much stress and strain is placed on the spine or if the spine loses its normal motion, over time the disc begins to dry up and weaken. As the disc weakens any additional stress can cause the disc to bulge, herniate or even rupture. When this happens the disc begins to press on the spinal cord itself or the nerves that exit it and travel to all the various parts of the body, causing extreme pain, numbness and tingling or even weakness in the corresponding body parts such as the neck, back, arms, legs, fingers or toes.

The doctors at SpineCare Chiropractic Center are specifically trained to deal with disc injuries. By restoring the spine to its normal structural alignment and removing the pressure on the disc, they help to decrease the inflammation and irritation to the affected area and allow the healing process to begin.  There are many chiropractors that only focus on removing the stress from the one particular bone that is causing the problem at that time, but Dr. Heather and Dr. B.J.  focus on restoring the entire spine to its normal structural alignment and strengthening it in its proper position.  By doing this not only do they resolve the pain that is occurring at the time but they prevent this problem as well as others from occurring in the future. Contact us today to set up your appointment.

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