In summary, our difference is seen in each our goal, our approach, our treatment protocols, and our results.  All of which are aimed at not only eliminating a specific complaint, but providing the most complete solution to correcting the problem.

Traditional chiropractic care typically achieves an increased range of motion, decreased muscle spasm, and decreased pain.  While this is fantastic, where traditional methods seem to fall short is in the correction of spinal alignment.  This is why at SpineCare, we customize your treatment to include specific structural correction methods aimed at improving any spinal misalignments, intertwined amongst some traditional chiropractic procedures.  Our “recipe” varies widely from one patient to the next.  After all, you probably don’t need exactly the same treatment as the next person.

Why does spinal alignment matter?

What would happen if there was a shift in the alignment of your automobile?  Do you think the tires would wear out faster?  What if the foundation of your house shifted just two inches?  Would you expect to see cracks in the walls?  Do you think the windows would open correctly?

Similarly, shifts in the alignment of your spine consequences too.  Misalignments can lead to accelerated damage to the discs and spinal bones, pinching of nerves, and muscle imbalances.  Basically, these areas of the spine are more likely to “wear out” than others with normal alignment.