Our difference stems from our basic philosophy of corrective care chiropractic. Our goal is to improve your overall quality of life by examining the person as a whole not just the part of the body that is currently causing a problem.

What would happen if there was a shift in the alignment of your car? Do you think your tires would wear out faster? What if the foundation of your house shifted just two inches? Would you expect to see cracks in the wall? Do you think the windows would open correctly? Similarly, shifts in the alignment of your spine have consequences too. Misalignments can lead to accelerated damage to the discs and vertebrae, pinching of nerves and muscle unbalances.

In order to correct structural misalignments of the spine you have to address not only the bones but also the muscles and ligaments that attach to those bones, because of this we promote healing through a multi faceted approach.

Our difference is obvious from your first visit in our office. Time and time again we are told by patients that they have never had a doctor of any kind take so much time with them and really listen to what they are saying. We believe that a detailed initial consultation and exam are vital in discovering the true cause of the problem. Nailing down exactly what is causing the problem is what helps us produce efficient and effective results. Once we have discovered the problem we develop a personalized treatment plan consisting of  specific spinal adjustments and postural/biomechanical rehab that will not relieve your pain quickly but will also provide you with tools to help prevent problems in the future.